Campaign donations are critical to the democratic process

Jeff Mole believes it is up to everyone to consider getting involved in public service as a candidate or contributor.

Voters should have greater choices in our elections. This choice should not be limited based on the decisions made by a small group of political insiders.

Some voters will vote based on political values and/or personalities. Some voters will vote against a party or the leader for various reason. Others will vote for any number of other reasons. What are your reasons?

There are approximately 70,000 voters in the riding and about 40,000 will vote.

It takes a lot of resources to reach these voters and engage those who are disengaged in voting.

Political parties have been building their "war-chest" for months and years to run their campaigns. Independent candidates are not afforded this luxury. Without adequate resources for independent candidates the democratic process may lack the ability to give the public more choice & fairness.

It is up to you to help level the playing field. Please donate today and receive a tax credit.

Political Contribution Tax Credit for Individuals

This credit helps individuals who have participated in the provincial political process by making financial contributions.

How much money could I receive?

The amount of the credit depends on how much you give. The maximum credit is $1,354.

Do I qualify?

To get the credit, you need to:

be an Ontario resident on December 31 of the tax year, and have made a contribution during that year to a candidate in an Ontario provincial election, or to a registered Ontario political party, registered constituency association or registered leadership contestant. You cannot claim this credit for contributions to municipal or federal elections.

How is the amount I get calculated?

The amount of credit depends on how much you give. The rate is:

75 per cent on the first $406 of donations in 2018

50 per cent on the portion of your donation between $406 and $1,354 in 2018

CREDIT $500.00 for $797.00 Donation

33.33 per cent on the portion between $1,354 and $3,081 in 2018.

CREDIT $1354.11 for $3081.00 Donation​


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