your vote can make a difference in changing the current environment of hyper-partisan politics. voting independent offers flexibility and potentially a greater impact for the region especially if there is a minority government.

Jeff Mole has always been someone who gets involved to help his community. Jeff possesses strong critical thinking skills. His experience is different than that of a career politician. He is not a one issue candidate, nor is he bound to uphold a partisan message and so his perspective is different. He has significant first hand experience dealing with the provincial government.

Voting independent makes good sense in the current political environment. A hard working and passionate independent MPP like Jeff Mole will bring fresh ideas, strong community values and a better balance between taxpayer protection, the delivery of social programs and public infrastructure and services, protecting the environment, building the economy and supporting job creation.

Voting independent is in the best interests of communities in Parry Sound and Muskoka.

There is a case to be made that no party has earned the right to form a majority government in Ontario. The case is based on poor policy specifics (or lack of policy), too much scandal/spin or weak performance. None of the current partisan leaders deserves the power a majority government.

A minority government is needed to protect the public interest and send a stern message to the party insiders. Voting independent is the best way to achieve this under the current system. We need a better system. Until then, voting independent is in the best interests of Ontario.